New BART research just out this month in Hip International looking at the incidence, risk factors and outcome of foot drop following hip replacement.

Over the last 4 weeks I have been out on training walks for the 8 mile marathon walk. My aim was to get in 3 walks a week, which I have managed to achieve, no matter the weather. I have arrived home looking like a drowned urchin on a few occasions. Plus, my feet especially my little toes in the beginning were suffering too. Thankfully with the help of a lot of plasters my toes are through the worst of it.

Now I have to start training for a 9 mile walk after it was announced that this week that due to “technical issues” the walk had been chan

Last weekend it was 5 weeks until Marathon Sunday, my current best distance for a walk is 6 miles (9.4km) at an average pace of 3.3 miles/hr (5.4km/hr). I’m hoping to reach approximately 7.5 miles this coming week, and maintain that distance with maybe two 9 mile walks before the big day. With the walk distance now being increased I’ve not only had to re-think my training schedule but also the time I aim to complete the walk in. I’m now aiming to complete the walk in as close to 2.5hrs as possible, which means my average pace needs to improve to 3.6 miles/hr. Lots of hard work still to be done!

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Prof David Beverland was speaking at the 2019 Mayo Arthroplasty Conference  about his views on sciatic nerve palsy – one of the potential complications following hip replacement.

Dr Emma Cunningham presented her research in collaboration with BART. The poster describes differences in very small molecules in blood between people who develop delirium after surgery and people who do not.


 I'm taking part in the Belfast Marathon 2019 for BART on Sunday 5th May.

Three years ago a close family member had a hip replacement, the improvement in their quality of life was astounding. This was the reason I signed up almost as soon as they were announced as one of the official charities.  I took the plunge as I knew I needed a goal to get off the couch, out of the house and get some exercise. I’m not fool enough to think I can run a marathon or even a relay leg, so being realistic I signed up for the 8 mile walk.

My first step towards training was to buy a pair of proper walking shoes, it then took me almost 2 months to put them on and actually do my first training walk. Initially I wanted to find out what pace I walk at, which for a 30 min first walk turned out to be a respectable 5.2 Km/Hr. For the next week I walked the same route 3 times, and believe me that was a good start for a self-confessed couch potato like me!

My goal for February was to increase my distance steadily, I started off at 3 km and am now walking 5 km. I’m going to keep upping the distance every few sessions with the aim to improve my endurance.

Once I’m comfortable walking for 1/1.5 hrs, then I can work on my pace as I have a goal time in mind to finish the 8 mile marathon walk in as close to 2 hrs as possible.

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