Hope everyone has a lovely bank holiday weekend. 😊  Please don’t forget the importance of social distancing to slow the spread of coronavirus. #StayHomeSaveLives

A the coronavirus pandemic continues, we are sad to announce there will be no BART Walk in June this year for the first time in our charity’s history. It was always our favourite event of the year and a great opportunity for staff to catch up with our supporters.  Charity Director, Prof David Beverland said "We hope the public will understand our position and continue to support us in the amazing way they always have to ensure we can continue our commitment to improving the care given to patients through our research.’’

🤞🏻 it will be back in 2021! 

During this period of uncertainty  we may not be able to continue our research at Musgrave Park Hospital but we  believe it is more important than ever to keep in contact with each other, however possible.  Over the last few weeks the BART team have been telephoning as many supporters as they can.  It's been great chatting to everyone and we are so proud of our stay at home heroes.  If you or someone you know would appreciate a  call and a chat – let us know!  


Keep in touch with BART!

A worrying time of all NI charities including BART as our Trustees, in line with Government guidelines, have cancelled all planned events for the foreseeable future.


The results of a survey by the Institute of Fundraising (NI) in partnership with CO3, has revealed three quarters of charities in NI are approaching a funding disaster because of the Covid-19 crisis.


•             76% are now reporting ‘serious financial difficulties’

•             38% describing their cash flow position as ‘unstable’



Nadine Campbell chair of IoFNI commented: "The fundraising sector in Northern Ireland has been devastated by the Covid 19 crisis - all forms of fundraising from community to corporate have been affected, the majority of events cancelled, public fundraising made impossible and fundraising plans and strategies thrown out or revised. We are deeply concerned about the affects this will have on the fundraising community in NI."


Despite a £750m package for struggling charities being announced on 8 April, only £21m has been allocated to third sector organisations in Northern Ireland, representing around £3,400 for each of Northern Ireland’s over 6,000 registered charities that employs almost 45,000 people and is worth £1.5 billion to the local economy.

Another week begins and these are difficult times for each and everyone one of us. The BART team just wanted to let all our supporters know we are thinking of you ❤️ 

Our research would not be possible without the important donations we receive throughout the year. So please help us further our work by sending a donation today.

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