I was delighted to accept a 12-month fellowship with BART from August 2018 until July 2019. Professor Beverland is highly regarded internationally as a prolific hip and knee arthroplasty surgeon with a relentless pursuit of better outcomes for patients. I had heard him present at several conferences during my initial orthopaedic training in the Republic of Ireland and was impressed by his high quality research and novel techniques, delivered in his unassuming way. I attended a knee arthroplasty visitation at Musgrave Park Hospital and spoke to two Irish trainees who had recently completed arthroplasty fellowships in the unit and who spoke very highly of their experience.

Working with Professor Beverland, Mr Laurence Cusick, Mr Dennis Molloy, Mr Seamus O’Hagan and Mr Iain Dobie, the fellowship provided exposure to high volume primary joint arthroplasty. On the total hip replacement side, I learned the key techniques pioneered in the unit for restoring native hip biomechanics by re-establishing hip centre of rotation, femoral head centre and femoral offset, as well as techniques to achieve reliable acetabular component version, inclination, height and depth. On the knee replacement side, I had previously been exposed almost exclusively to the measured resection philosophy using cemented components. The gap balancing philosophy using Professor Beverland’s unique method of balancing the soft tissues by bony cuts, and the use of cementless components was all very new to me, but once mastered is highly effective, efficient and versatile. My trainers provided me with ideal levels of supervision and support, allowing me to operate progressively more independently as I gained experience and efficiency. I was impressed by the friendly, supportive general environment that prevails at Musgrave Park.   Although primary hip and knee total joint arthroplasty was the focus of my fellowship, I gained exposure to unicondylar knee arthroplasty, revision hip arthroplasty and hip arthroscopy. 

My time at Musgrave Park Hospital also provided insight into the merits of a well-functioning Outcomes Unit, and an effective Enhanced Recovery After Surgery program.

BART is known for its high-impact research output, and provided me with great research opportunities.  Our paper on gait analysis at long term follow-up after bilateral hip replacement surgery was published in a reputable journal and won an award for joint best paper at this year’s Irish Orthopaedic Association Annual Meeting. My research project assessing three methods of acetabular component orientation provided me with a welcomed opportunity to dabble with electronics again, a former occupation of mine from the dim and distant past!

I’ve had a very enjoyable, rewarding fellowship here and would highly recommend the BART fellowship to any orthopaedic surgeon pursuing a career in hip and knee arthroplasty.













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