I'm taking part in the Belfast Marathon 2019 for BART on Sunday 5th May.

Three years ago a close family member had a hip replacement, the improvement in their quality of life was astounding. This was the reason I signed up almost as soon as they were announced as one of the official charities.  I took the plunge as I knew I needed a goal to get off the couch, out of the house and get some exercise. I’m not fool enough to think I can run a marathon or even a relay leg, so being realistic I signed up for the 8 mile walk.

My first step towards training was to buy a pair of proper walking shoes, it then took me almost 2 months to put them on and actually do my first training walk. Initially I wanted to find out what pace I walk at, which for a 30 min first walk turned out to be a respectable 5.2 Km/Hr. For the next week I walked the same route 3 times, and believe me that was a good start for a self-confessed couch potato like me!

My goal for February was to increase my distance steadily, I started off at 3 km and am now walking 5 km. I’m going to keep upping the distance every few sessions with the aim to improve my endurance.

Once I’m comfortable walking for 1/1.5 hrs, then I can work on my pace as I have a goal time in mind to finish the 8 mile marathon walk in as close to 2 hrs as possible.

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