BART is currently funding a large clinical trial on reducing blood loss in hip and knee replacement patients (TRAC-24). The title of the study is a ‘single centre randomised controlled trial to assess the effect of the addition of twenty-four hours of oral tranexamic acid post-operatively to a single intra-operative intravenous dose of tranexamic acid on calculated blood loss following primary hip and knee arthroplasty’. During an operation it is not unusual for a patient to lose almost a third of the total blood in their body with an average blood loss of approximately 1.3 Litres. A drug called tranexamic acid is regularly used in other areas of medicine to reduce blood loss. As well as having a direct beneficial effect on the patient as less blood is lost, it also significantly reduces the requirement for blood transfusions (a major issue for the NHS). This study will give patients tranexamic acid after their operation which is when we feel that the most blood is lost.

The study will cost over £500,000 and is the largest study of its kind so far in the world and we are hoping that the results will greatly improve the care of both our patients and patients internationally. We have been planning this study for over two years and are delighted that recruitment will finally start this year in April. Once our ethics and governance approvals are through we will be able to start. We have recently recruited two research nurses to help us with this study. All your generous donations to BART have enabled this study to happen!

Our research would not be possible without the important donations we receive throughout the year. So please help us further our work by sending a donation today.

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