The BART Walk

Last year the BART Walk raised just over £70,000. The BART Walk is held annually in June and is open to anyone who has benefited from orthopaedic surgery and their family and friends. It takes place on a one mile course in Musgrave Park, adjacent to the hospital.

It is not a race and you can complete as much of the course as you wish, at your own speed – walk a mile or a while!

If you feel unable to undertake the Walk yourself, you can still donate. Perhaps a friend would like to walk on your behalf?


At the event you are able to enjoy live entertainment whilst perusing a variety of stalls. It’s a family friendly day which includes a vintage car display and face painting for the children. Other attractions included cake and plant stands. There’s also a chance to visit our Research Table where you can chat to the BART research team and see the various implants used in today’s surgical procedures.


Registration couldn't be easier! Just click on the green sign up button and you'll be taken to our event registration form where all you have to do is fill in your name and contact details. Once you have this form submitted, we'll contact you directly and send you out all the information you need.


Already registered? Additional forms can be downloaded here. Remember, for your convenience, you can send us any sponsorship money you raise in advance of the walk, rather than bringing it with you on the day.


The Walk begins at the park entrance from Musgrave Park Hospital, however you may start at any point. You can call at the Bowling Pavilion to register and leave donations before or after you complete your Walk. The route is described as fairly level surfaced paths for those with mobility difficulties.

From the Highway to Health map board continue along the path into the park. Follow the main path to your left along the side of the bowling greens.

This path will lead you to a round flower bed with a standing stone feature in the centre, stop to admire the view of the Belfast Hill before taking the path on your left. Soon you will pass the one kilometre marker post.

Continue round the lower part of the park – the path sweeps round to another entrance gate at Stockman’s Lane. Go straight on at this junction and follow a smaller meandering path through the trees and spring bulb displays.

A left turn, just past the back of the bowling pavilion, will lead you back onto the main path leading to the exit and the Bowling Pavilion entrance

We also recommend a visit to the therapeutic garden, just through the black entrance gates to the Bowling Pavilion on the right had side. Local schoolchildren were consulted in the design which includes a willow tunnel, disabled access plant beds as part of a community garden and a multi-sensory 'whispering wall' .

Consultants enjoy a family day out at the BART Walk
Daisy Duff has had both knees replaced
and last year she raised.


Many thanks Daisy.
Staff provide walkers with refreshments
•	Downe Old Car Club attend the BART Walk
Musgrave Park Belfast
Our research would not be possible without the important donations we receive throughout the year. So please help us further our work by sending a donation today.

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